Our services

Trovare Interiors provides a wide range of services, from buying a single item to comprehensive interior design solutions.

What makes this special is the products we offer and can use for projects. We provide guided access to the world’s best brands, many of which remain rare in UK interior design practice, and are of limited availability in the UK.

This applies not only to our individual brands, but also to some product categories which are unique both in the choice of styles and brands, and their superior level of quality – such as our luxury decorative lighting, and fine kids’ furniture collections.

Interior solutions

We can offer interior solutions to meet different needs and requirements. We serve both private clients and hotels, developers, architects and other commercial clients. For example:

  • You can purchase items from brands featured on our website. We can give you access to all of their collections.
  • We can give you access to collections from more brands.
  • We can provide advice and guidance in the process of selection, according to your wishes and preferences. We can match different items for you in terms of stylistic harmony, including those from other product categories.

Instead of looking for a complete interior solution for a property, you might be interested in solutions by product category or room type. Here are just some examples where we offer truly superlative options.

Luxury lighting

We offer the best in decorative lighting and an unparalleled range of stunning lighting creations spanning various styles. (Please note that we feature here only several brands from a long list of lighting brands whose creations we can procure.)

We can advise on, and help to select, decorative lighting conforming to the interior under consideration. For complete lighting design, we also offer technical lighting, outdoor lighting and state of the art electric control systems from leading international manufacturers.

The brands we cooperate with have broad possibilities for bespoke lighting solutions, including oversized chandeliers.

Walk-in-wardrobes and wardrobes

Our portfolio represents a variety of styles to fit different budgets. The top end of the range is truly extraordinary, featuring an exclusive selection of rich materials and astounding fine detailing.

We provide everything for a turnkey service for this area, including measurements, technical drawings, lighting and decorative elements.

Furnishing and decorating children’s rooms

We have a unique collection of high-end kids’ furniture from Italian brands. There is an exciting variety of styles to choose from, and all interior elements to turn a child’s or teenager’s room into a fabulous place to play, study and sleep.

Comprehensive interior solutions

At the same time, the sumptuous choice of best brands in different product categories allows us to offer comprehensive interior solutions, where every item is of superior aesthetic value and quality of make. Luxury doors, floors, boiserie, sanitaryware, stone, decorative objects, accessories and other product types open up wonderful possibilities for realising beautiful interiors.

Besides supplying products and giving advice, we also provide styling and interior design services. Our designers, and their long track record in working with the best global brands, ensure a high level of professionalism and quality – as does the interior design expertise of the brands with which we work.

Using this website

Our brand and product pages contain numerous images of our products. These represent only part of the collections, brands and styles that we offer. The images are intended to help you select the displayed items, but also to give you an idea about what the brands make, and the range of styles available in the various product categories.

Please contact us quoting the reference number of the image to receive details on price, size, colour, finish and technical information.

You can also request information about other products and brands not featured here, request access to catalogues, and ask for advice.

For further information on using this website, please see our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.