About us

Beauty is often something that exceeds expectations. In the context of interiors, help to discover that beauty is at the core of our services.

The Italian word “trovare” – meaning “to find, discover” – reflects the essence of our mission at Trovare Interiors: guided access to a stylish, curated portfolio of interior creations, epitomising supreme levels of aesthetics and refined craftsmanship.

These are creations from the world’s superlative brands, of which a large number are not covered in the mainstream UK interior design media, and are still rare in interior design practice in the UK.

Some of these brands have no dealers or agents in the UK. We work directly with brands and, with an intimate knowledge of their products, we can give you access to these exciting finds which offer great possibilities for interior solutions.

Trovare Interiors also stands out in other ways. We offer:

  • A wide range of furniture styles, from luxury modern to classic.
  • Luxury children’s furniture from high-end Italian companies – to the best of our knowledge, nobody in the UK matches our rich selection of collections, either in choice of style or high-quality options.
  • A decorative lighting portfolio comprising the world’s best brands. European, especially Italian, companies include some of the world’s oldest glass houses, and set the highest standards in glass-making, design and craftsmanship. Our decorative lighting collection stands out in terms of the range of the highest quality decorative lighting made available from one source.
  • Superb collections of Italian doors and wall panels – the detailing and choice of luxury materials are extraordinary.
  • Extensive bespoke possibilities with the leading brands, including complete contract interior solutions.

We can source products from many more brands and product categories than those featured here, to satisfy an even more diverse range of tastes and requirements – including sanitaryware, wallpaper, stone products and more.

Our selection criteria are beauty and quality of make: this allows us to propose comprehensive interior solutions that stand out aesthetically.

At Trovare Interiors, we do not simply sell goods. With our extensive knowledge of the world of the best interior decoration, and wide-ranging connections with brands, we provide professional advice and guidance on the selection process. Our team has years of experience in interior design, and can style and provide interior design services for you at various levels of complexity.

We offer interiors solutions that are not easily found to private clients, architects, designers, developers and other commercial clients. We can also accommodate a wide range of budgetary requirements.

Whatever product types or solutions you seek, our portfolio brings you a wide choice of stunning work of great quality: a treasure trove just waiting to be discovered.